Akamai proves to be one of the largest content delivery networks across the globe. The users employ their services for software delivery and cloud security applications. Majorly banking on internet security, this reliable and secure company provides adequate support to its base of clients for on-boarding the best IT infrastructure. The idea is simple. Digital experience is brought closer to the user and the digital attacks are pushed farther away.

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Cloud Security

Cloud security is a pertinent issue in today’s times especially when the whole world is going digital. Akamai steps up its game in this regard and provides you with a solution to be protected from various digital attacks and threats. Data and application security are absolutely crucial in this scenario.


  • Cloud security from Akamai works towards protecting and preserving Personally Identifiable Information or PII along with transactional details.
  • Web applications are also protected against several digital threats by this service.
  • DNS services are made available always and kept protected from service attacks.
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Enterprise Security

With the help of its enterprise security measures, Akamai banks on building a security model to help the business grow. The aim is to reduce the potential enterprise attack points and provide a more secure architecture. In fact, with the present requirements, security is extended by Akamai to devices and applications even outside the enterprise parameter.


  • This model provides security to the users both on and off the enterprise network.
  • It proactively identifies and restricts access to several unwanted and malicious domains.
  • WAN expenses are appropriately streamlined.
  • The service provides an enhanced user experience.