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Physical Data Centre to Virtual

December 25,2017 by QCS

An investment company, had always been using physical servers as part of their data centre setup. Over time, the shortcomings of using physical servers became apparent – it was slow to scale whenever there was a requirement to deploy new apps, and it became costlier to maintain as the power needed to run the machines continued to increase.

QCS technicians proposed a change of their physical servers to a virtual environment. Upon consultation with the technical team, VMWare was used to operate the new virtual environment, with many upsides to the switch. For one, the virtual environment was instantly scalable, which meant that instead of ordering new server space and waiting for 2 weeks for the physical parts to arrive, the user could just reallocate utilized space to allow deployment of new apps. Furthermore, with a virtual environment, the energy footprint became greatly reduced, with less power and cooling required to keep the machine running.

With these advancements, the company experienced a reduction in costs by over 40%, mainly from the energy savings, as well as the lesser headcount required to monitor the machine. Furthermore, instead of having to purchase new hardware whenever a new app needed to be deployed, a yearly licensing fee was the only repeated expenditure needed to run the data centre. On an overall, the company incurred a lower establishment cost to run their business, leading to improved bottom lines and cost efficiency.

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Email Migration from Physical Server to Cloud

November 15,2017 by QCS

An engineering firm, had been facing difficulties when it came to handling their internal email servers. This was because their existing servers were old physical ones, housed in their own building, giving rise to a host of operational issues. There were frequent email delivery failures where the intended recipients never got hold of sent mails, slow sending rates and many episodes of server downtime. This led to an inefficient mailer system, which cost the company resources due to lower productivity and also increased maintenance costs to restore and patch servers facing downtime.

After reviewing the customer’s requirements and shortcomings, QCS technicians proposed a migration of the existing physical email servers to a cloud-based solution. Upon receiving the go-ahead, the QCS team performed the migration of over 200 email accounts to the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 email, in just under 10 days. Having migrated the accounts seamlessly, the new email process was infallible, with a speedy response times, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. No email rejections, coupled with boosted security rendered the cloud-solution an absolute shift from the outdated process.

As a result of this shift, email communication became a stable and reliable experience, making delivery issues a thing of the past.

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Implement and Launch A New Data Centre Setup

October 10,2017 by QCS

QCS Quantum Consultancy’s Deep Dive analytical techniques helped an investment company to implement and launch a new data centre setup within a short time frame and at optimum cost.

-30% below market cost
+2 months below industry project duration
0% downtime since inception. With QCS Deep Dive, the team managed to assist the client in developing a full-blown data centre setup complete with hardware and software installations, and lift& shift activities for existing servers. By leveraging on product partner relationships, this was achieved at a much lower cost, and multiple points of savings.

“QCS’s ability to understand our IT requirements is unparalleled. With their knowledge of data centre infrastructure, QCS managed to guide us to setting up and running a full data centre, complete with all the bells and whistles, at a much lower price than we originally thought we’d have to fork out. This savings translated better profits for our company.”
– John Smith, CEO Company A

The Challenge: Company A was required to upgrade their data centre facilities in accordance to regulators, as they had encountered multiple findings during IT audits. The current data centre facilities were reaching the end of life, and lacked a tremendous amount of documentation that were paramount to the continued operation of the systems.

The Solution: By sending in a team of data centre specialists, QCS performed a deep dive analysis on the existing infrastructure of the data centre, including a thorough inspection of the building cooling systems, floor strength and electrical power consumption. Having performed the analysis, QCS went on to source for the most optimal combinations of hardware and software products required to replace the existing ones. Negotiations with the IT providers ensure that the best deals were struck, leading to an overall price reduction. Once done, a team of project managers were brought in to ensure the timelines were kept, and all activities proceeded with as little hitches as possible.
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