Alibaba Cloud

With AliBaba on board as one of QCS' main product partners, our clients have access to a wide range of cloud computing services, perfectly tailored to suit individual needs. Together with the personnel at AliBaba, our technical consultants who are well versed with the intricacies of AliBaba cloud services are at hand to provide relevant advisory services, specifically catered to our client's requirements for bespoke storage solutions. The solutions come complete with advanced security protocols and measures, ensuring that our clients' data are always protected from unwanted threats and theft.
Elastic Computing & Networking
Add compute, load balancing and advanced network capabilities to your applications using various Alibaba Cloud products
Manage your data using elastic, secure and reliable databases hosted on Alibaba Cloud which can be easily deployed and integrated with your applications
Storage & CDN
Store and serve unlimited data and objects using Alibaba Cloud’s managed storage and content delivery products
Security & Management
Protect your data, applications and servers from various security attacks; Monitor and manage various resources with advanced tools and technologies hosted on Alibaba Cloud
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