Samsung can boast of introducing a number of industry-shaping solutions into the corporate world with an aim to improve user experiences. The idea is to build a network of IT solutions and products that would aid the operational facets of the business world. Be it conducting meetings from remote locations or centrally controlling television content, Samsung is doing its bit in taking technology more into the virtual world.

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Samsung Flip

Samsung Flip is one of the most effective solutions, introduced with an aim to make business meetings and operations hassle free. For collaborations and creativity, this flipchart proves to be ideal. This allows you to take your business meetings even outside your boardrooms and have a more fruitful discussion. You can capture notes, draw and scribble and even navigate through this interesting flipchart.


  • Intuitive navigation provides a more improved user experience and gives more control to the users.
  • The 55 inch interactive display on the flipchart makes way for digital note-taking and creative thinking.
  • With appropriate connectivity, Samsung flipchart helps you to conduct meetings anywhere, anytime.

Samsung TV Hospitality

Samsung’s Smart Hospitality display TVs are among the most sought after products of their category by hotels all across the world. Known for their bright and engaging display, the hospitality TVs are a delight for the guests to watch. Moreover, hotels are also able to change the display settings to ensure that these TVs serve dual purpose of enhancing the hotel management’s efficiency as well. Hotel owners can add customized welcome greetings or even a welcome video for display in the reception area. In order to enhance the guests’ experience with the in-room TV, the Samsung hospitality TV can include access to real time information that will come in handy for the guest during his stay in the hotel. A customized, cost-efficient home menu, plug-n-play capabilities, System Integrator compatibility, headphone compatibility and a unique Security Mode for blocking certain kinds of content are some of the other features that make the Samsung hospitality a must have produce for hotels.

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Samsung Lynk Reach

This is another interesting pick from Samsung’s kitty of hospitality TVs. This hospitality TV management service empowers the property owners to provide content that is customized to the guests’ preferences. The controls are centrally provided and can be used across multiple Samsung hospitality TVs. The Lynk Reach 4.0 proves to be an effective content management solution for providing a more comfortable environment for the guests.


  • The content on multiple television sets can be controls centrally
  • With the help of Samsung Lynk Reach, all the guests are kept informed of the hospitality services like guest services, billing information, flight information, weather details, and the likes. It provides a set of concierge services.
  • This Samsung TV takes the television experience out of the lobby and into the rooms.