Symantec-Cyber Security Ally

As cyber threats are on the rise, and IT environment is at an increased risk, the need of the hour is to have access to sophisticated technology that could protect and preserve the data of your organization at all times.

QCS highly bestows its trust on Symantec which is an internationally recognized brand in the IT security. We believe in providing the best data and system protection, and so, our expert engineers are experts in Symantec’s product offerings. This way we ensure a round the clock seamless support and guidance to our clients at the best costs.

Stay assured, we take extreme care of our client’s assets with our state of the art security solutions powered by Symantec.

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Endpoint Protection 14 

Endpoint protection 14 by Symantec is the world’s most advanced single-agency endpoint security that takes care of threat right from the prevention to detection, reception, deception, and adaptation.

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Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition

The Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition is one of the most elite anti-virus software that will protect your data and secure both endpoint and email infrastructure. Whether you are worried about data loss due to hackers, spam threats or the regular kind of malware that can get downloaded inconspicuously, with the Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition you will be protected from all that and more. With its advanced protection technologies powered by the world’s most formidable civilian threat intelligence networks, Symantec Protection Suite is established as the world’s leading brand for data protection.

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Advanced Threat Protection

Symantec provides your digital assets with advanced threat protection, all thanks to its advanced investigation and remediation processes.

  • Content and malware analysis
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Detailed record for forensic investigations
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Endpoint Encryption

Endpoint encryption includes a combination of disk encryption and media encryption which ultimately makes the data accessible to only authorized users. The Symantec Endpoint Encryption is a security software which protects the data stored in your PC or laptop from third party intrusion by introducing firewalls and anti-malware codes. The Symantec Endpoint Encryption is the best way to not only protect sensitive information but also ensure regulatory compliance.