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Dermond Ang

Dermond Ang, is currently the CEO of Quantum Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd. An alumni member of Monash University, he began his career in the auditing industry in Singapore, before branching out into the service sector, namely in the field of corporate sales for customers, dealing in IT-related activities. The years of experience in the IT sector propelled him to a leadership position within QCS, eventually taking the helm and managing the company’s overall business activities in the areas of formulation, strategy planning and execution of Sales and Marketing activities.

As a practicing management advocate, Dermond continues to champion best practices in the field of project and change management. In his dealings with corporate clients over the years, he has simultaneously established firm relationships with international industry partners, with the likes of Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Cisco and many others claiming the highest of partnership levels. This solid collaboration with esteemed industry giants allows QCS to continuously deliver the highest caliber of service and cutting edge solutions.

In the areas of social responsibility, Dermond is actively involved in many issues of concern. Disaster and humanitarian relief, environmental issues, human rights, poverty alleviation and advancements in science and technology are some of the causes that he supports, in addition to every day business values. To this day, Dermond continues to lead the charge in a rapidly advancing IT solutions industry, with years of hands-on experience backed by strong ethics and business values.

Message From CEO

At QCS, we believe that our clients are our biggest assets, and the company's values and policies are tailored with them in mind. The technical, support, and management workforce are consistently striving to improve upon their service, and together with our internationally renowned partners, seek to provide the solutions that our clients need to achieve their success.

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YC Chong
As the technical manager, Chong leads a high-performing technical team comprised of Field Systems Engineers, Helpdesk Support, Network engineers and Project Managers in South East Asia region. He has more than 14 years of experience in the IT industry, including 10 years of senior-level leadership. Armed with years of relevant experience, both Chong and the team are at hand to render infrastructure support and services should the customer require it. Chong keep himself always in the forefront of IT innovation, and continues to enhance his technical skill with different partners' products like MCSE, MCP, MCSA, MCDBA,MCTS,APC,HP ATP,HP ASE, VMTSP, VMSP, Cisco certified SMB Engineer and so on. His studious and diligent behavior is the an excellent role model within the team.
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Margeret Lau
Executive Secretariat
As QCS's executive secretariat, Margeret deals with the day to day affairs of QCS and is responsible for the administrative management and support for the Office of the Managing Director, as well as ensuring that the governance and legal aspects of the entity are well in hand. Effective and wholly accountable in high-profile executive roles, she plays a vital part in overcoming business challenges, by producing summarized proposals with experience-backed judgement to the Managing Director; all within a fast-paced, high-pressured environment. In addition, Margeret serves as the relationship liaison between all the relevant parties dealing with QCS. She is respected for her strong work ethics and for being a motivational individual.
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Michelle Tan
Head of Finance & HR Admin
As the Head of the Finance & HR Admin department, Michelle Tan plays the part of leader and financial/HR management goalkeeper for QCS. Prior to joining Q3 Group, she worked for 22 years in Finance & accounting industry. Head of finance at Asia Tents Arena Sdn Bhd, Ms. Michelle graduated with Bachelor’s Degree of Accounting from Arizona State University. Her rich experiences include pioneering innovations like new changes in the HR system, and accurate recording of results and reports in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs. No stranger to governance, Michelle Tan has also led both finance & HR admin teams in providing improvements in company rules and regulations for smoother operational processes. She is an incredibly detailed and optimistic individual providing in-depth HR & financial management for wide range of QCS colleagues.
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Joey Yong
Head of Purchasing & Logistics
As the team leader of the purchasing department, procurement and purchasing activities are monitored and regulated by Joey. She is a Diploma holder with 10 years purchasing experience to guide her team in sourcing and purchasing only the best products, goods and services for QCS at the most competitive prices. She continuously trains her team to be independent negotiators and arrangers for all QCS's vendor-related dealings and proceedings, promoting a cooperative work climate as well as maximizing productivity and morale. Her cheerful personality and efficiency has helped QCS maintain a strong partnership with all it's vendors and collaborators.
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Jason Quah
Head of Corporate Marketing
As the senior sales account manager, Jason leads his team in the KL HQ, and excels in professional sales support and technical advisory for clients. He is a corporate and business development expert, as well as a marketing strategist and tactician with secure feasibility, development, and commercial partner agreements. Holding a slew of qualifications under his belt, Jason is certified in the following; Certificate for E-Commerce, MCP, SAP Business One – Implementation Consultant and SAP All-in-One & SAP Business One – Sales Consultant with more than 5 years working experience focused in IT related company, he has dealt in ERP solutions, pre-sales, and technical support. His achievements include deploying an IT Infrastructure in the first 6 Star hotel in Kuala Lumpur , building a Data Center and Fiberized entire Plant in Nusajaya , providing a Voice Recording Solution with Contract Maintenance for one of the Oil & Gas company in Malaysia, Wifi deployment for an International School, as well as deploying an SAP ERP Solution for a payment gateway company in Malaysia with his approachable character.
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Kenneth Ong
Head of Sales
As the senior sales account manager, Kenneth forms part of the support team on the ground with 15 years of experience. He leads the team to increase market share, improve margins, and manage team's peak performance by seeking out clients and serving as a go-between for the customer and QCS. He is an expert in managed key products, especially in new, mature, and intensely competitive local markets. Armed with a certificate from HPE's skills and specialized courses, he has brought in more than 150 fresh accounts for QCS, with the biggest project deal amounting to RM1m. Ambitious, detailed and possessed of excellent soft skills, Kenneth continues to drive the QCS agenda forward in his division.
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Elaine Lai
Head of Business Unit
As the business development manager, Elaine had 10 years working with a strong team in QCS. She is well trained in the printing business with HP principal, being an all-rounder complete with products knowledge and business acumen. She is an expert in opening up new markets and/or accounts, launching products, driving growth and generating revenue. Her achievements include signing up a total of 10 contractual accounts within 6 months in QCS as per principal basic requirement to continue the membership. Within 3 years, she has accumulated over a 100 new accounts for QCS, with her result-oriented and positive personality.
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Eric Tang
Head of Malacca Branch
As QCS' person in charge in Malacca, Eric services the clients from said region, and is ever ready to provide the necessary skill sets in order to cater to customer requirements. Eric forms part of the support team on the ground. With experience in infrastructure design and implementation, he seeks to assist customer to get the correct and suitable enterprise solution at an affordable price. Never stop enhance both customer services skill and product knowledge. Give the best to customer is his motto.
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TY Hoo
Head of Johor Branch
As the one whom in charged in Johor branch, Ty is the face of QCS, and frequently deals with clients in Johor, as well as the customers from Singapore seeking technical expertise from the Malaysian ICT industry. He is excel in new market explore, the after sales support and technical advisory for the clients. Knowledgeable in technical is his strength however, the cheerful attitude is his winning factor.
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Janice Goh
Head of Penang Branch
As the Sales Account Manager in Penang branch, Janice serve in the island state of Penang, seeking out new market opportunities and serving as a go-between for the customers. Besides, exercise the same technical skills that are demonstrated by their central colleagues, riding on extended coverage of the firm to provide solutions in the most efficient way possible. She is having the strong spirit and passionate working behavior.
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Derick Wong
Head of Sabah Branch
As person in charge in Sabah branch, Derick works to strengthen the QCS presence in Kota Kinabalu and surrounding regions, leveraging on the mobility and flexibility of the KL technical team to provide on-site support and consultation. He is engage the customers and find out their needs and requirements before connecting them to the technical function of the firm. Customers love his smiling and his maxim is we always here to assist you.

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