Veeam Intelligent Data Management 

When it comes to data recovery and information technology services, Veeam proves to be one of the best in this domain. Veeam, with its set of IT products and services, ensures that data backup and recovery are priorities in any business or enterprise. It thus equips the company to recover IT solutions and data in the matter of a few minutes, and sometimes even seconds. It has custom solutions for small scale businesses, medium scale enterprises, and the larger companies. With continuous monitoring and surveillance, Veeam does provide a full-proof solution.    

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Veeam Availability Suite 

Veeam Availability Suite can help convert your company into a Hyper-Available enterprise. All it takes is a few seconds and minutes to recover data and IT solutions. This helps bridge the 82% gap between what the users demand and what the IT solutions can provide.


  • Veeam does well to actively monitor threats and act immediately such that operational damages are not caused.
  • When it comes to your production environment, Veeam creates exact copies and replicas for best results.
  • Data recovery services ensure that all files, applications or even virtual server space stays protection and secured.
  • With low RPOs and organized recovery services, your data loss is prevented at every cost
  • Quick recovery services ensure that you do not lose critical business hours

Veeam Agent

In spite of having an advancing IT world, there are still many data environments and work stations that can be transferred to the virtual world. Hardware failures, connectivity issues are frequent problems here. For this reason, keeping cloud backups also becomes an issue. Veeam Agent focuses on this issue and provides physical data backups offsite for best results. This allows you to keep your data safe and protected.


  • Proper protection is provided for devices even outside the corporate environment for portable devices like laptops and tablets.
  • Physical backups are arranged for in off-site environments.
  • Apart from protection of the workstation data, Windows-based services and applications are also secured.
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Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam Cloud Connect, as the name suggests, forms replicated copies of the cloud and its data. This comes handy in case of disasters and data loss. Besides, it also prevents the company or enterprise from spending or investing in physical, off-cloud infrastructure for data storage. The fully integrated solution ensures that your cloud data is also safe and protected.


  • Veeam Cloud Connect maintains data security by ensuring end to end data encryption, from the time it leaves your network parameters.
  • It gives the user complete control over the backup data repository.
  • Getting the hosted backup repository is simple, with the use of an SSL connection and no other licenses.